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Header image used on the Engineering Careers page of a man with safety vest and hard hat in his hand.

About Workplace Safety

Geotex Vest with logo, showing that they take workplace safety seriously

Safety is everyone’s first job. Geotex is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees, customers, subcontractors and visitors. While we can brag about our safety record, what really excites us is sending our people home safely to their loved ones each day.

Workplace Training

Geotex has developed a comprehensive written Workplace Safety Plan which includes OSHA standards for field and laboratory technicians and Department of Transportation Safety Standards for drilling crews and field technicians. All new hires receive training on the plan and all employees receive refresher training during monthly safety meetings, covering a wide variety of topics such as trench safety, scaffolding, defensive driving, and CPR. Geotex partners with a professional safety program management firm to ensure compliance with all safety standards.

Photo of a person hooking themselves into a safety harness, showing Geotex's commitment to Workplace Safety.