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Author: Kathy Neill

Education, News / October 2, 2023

Geotex Engineering will be an exhibitor during 111th Texas Municipal League Conference and Exhibition.  Stop by Booth #1704 to learn more about our geotechnical and materials testing services and how we are serving communities across Texas and Oklahoma.   Learn More About Geotex and the Public Works Sector!

Education, News / September 25, 2023

Geotex Engineering will be an exhibitor during txEDCON23.  Stop by Booth #1325 to learn more about North Texas’s leading geotechnical and materials testing firm serving the K-12 sector.  Fun swag on hand too! Learn More About Geotex and the Education Sector!

News / September 1, 2023

Geotex Engineering will be an exhibitor during CECON23.  Stop by, pick up some swag and learn more about what Geotex has to offer. 

Education, News / August 31, 2023

PROSPER ISD WALNUT GROVE HIGH SCHOOL Prosper ISD’s new Walnut Grove High School campus, built in an accelerated two-year time frame, sits on an 85-acre site with an overall relief of more than 50 feet.  Considerable cuts and fills, necessary to accommodate the site’s elevation changes, presented different challenges and…

Education, News / August 24, 2023

DENTON ISD RYAN HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM ADDITION In 2020 Denton ISD began a series of improvements at Ryan High School, including a new Fine Arts Auditorium. Sitting on the Woodbine Formation, the district required strict movement tolerances for the campus structure to maintain structural integrity and high aesthetic expectations. The…

Education, News / August 23, 2023

Geotex Engineering (Geotex), a known name in geotechnical and materials testing engineering, is proud to announce its remarkable success and contribution in the K-12 education sector. With an impressive number of active projects and schools set to open their doors, Geotex has solidified its position as a trusted partner in…

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