Geotex Engineering (Geotex), a known name in geotechnical and materials testing engineering, is proud to announce its remarkable success and contribution in the K-12 education sector. With an impressive number of active projects and schools set to open their doors, Geotex has solidified its position as a trusted partner in shaping safe and stable educational environments.

As the demand for K-12 facilities continues to grow across North Texas, Geotex has risen to the occasion, providing valuable engineering services to ensure the integrity, safety, and longevity of these educational campuses. Through meticulous geotechnical investigations and rigorous materials testing, the firm has become an integral part of enhancing the learning experiences for thousands of students in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Denton, Denison-Sherman and Southern Oklahoma areas.

With 45 active projects, Geotex has demonstrated its commitment to delivering exceptional results. From foundation design recommendations and construction materials inspections, the firm’s specialized team of experts has supported architects, engineers, contractors, and educational administrators to guarantee that each project meets the highest standards of quality.

“Education is the cornerstone of our society, and we take great pride in contributing to the success of K-12 institutions through our geotechnical and materials testing solutions,” said Amy Brothers, P.E., Geotex President. “Our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and grow, and we are excited to see our efforts culminate in the opening of these schools.”

As we kick off the new academic year, Geotex is thrilled to witness the completion of 8 new (or major expansion) school projects that have benefited from its expertise. The firm’s work encompasses a wide range of educational institutions, including elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. These achievements reflect the firm’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to shaping the future of the North Texas K-12 education landscape.  Check out other K-12 projects on our Education page.