DART Silver Line, Section CB-3: 

Project safety is of paramount importance in geotechnical engineering projects due to the inherent risks associated with working in unpredictable and challenging ground conditions. Geotex ensures safety measures are rigorously followed to protect the well-being of workers, prevent accidents, and mitigate potential environmental hazards. 

Geotex was the Geotechnical Engineer-of-Record for the DART Silver Line Commuter Rail Segment 3 project that also included the new Hike & Bike Trail paralleling the entire rail alignment.  Engineering efforts included analyses and recommendations for 2 dozen grade-separated bridges, 75 wall segments of varying types and 10 platform stations.  The Geotex team employed extensive laboratory testing of bedrock limestone and utilized several published analytical methods to optimize bridge foundation design.  The Geotex team also advocated use of augered cast-in-place piles (ACIP) in suitable subsurface conditions then analyzed and aided development of ACIP load tests to optimize bridge foundation design in those areas.   

Project safety was elevated to a higher standard than typical projects. This included meticulous underground utility locating and verification efforts, daily workplace safety meetings to review and mitigate potential hazards, and even daily stretching exercises to help reduce potential work site injuries.  Geotex continues to incorporate many of these additional efforts into our regular field routines.  The company’s focus on safety enhances project efficiency and minimizes costly disruptions, enabling successful and sustainable project execution. Find out more about Geotex’s committment to safety.

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