The City of Lewisville’s new 37,000-square-foot fleet maintenance facility includes 14 bays for vehicle maintenance (five bays for heavy equipment), individual workstations for mechanics, a vehicle fueling station, staff offices, a break room, and a large conference room. The north side of the 24-acre site is adjacent to a wetland pond which presented significant construction challenges. 

The single-story building was designed with a cast-in-place 720-foot-long concrete retaining wall to support truck pavements along the north side of the facility.  However, shallow groundwater prevented excavation and construction of the wall footings.  Multiple alternatives were explored including different retaining wall types and draining the pond.  Geotex geotechnical engineers provided guidance throughout and was ultimately requested to assess an embankment slope option to support the new pavements, eliminating the need for the wall.  Geotex determined that the solution was feasible, provided that the pumping subgrade be “bridged” to permit sufficient compaction of the embankment fill to support the pavements and truck traffic.  Geotex provided the needed remedial subgrade recommendations using a combination of geotextile, geogrid and aggregate, permitting construction to proceed without further delay.

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