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New Track Rig in Action

New Track Rig in Action
Ronald Fuquay on May 16, 2023

The newest addition to our in-house fleet was delivered May 3, 2023 and the team quickly put her to work. This rig goes – even following heavy rains!

The Mobile Drill B57 Mechanical Drill Rig is mounted directly on a tracked carrier enabling easy access to off road locations. Our new B57 track mounted unit meets our client’s demands to access sites that conventional truck mounted units have difficulty with. Delivering 20% – 30% more power than drills in its class, the newly designed B57 has undergone engineering upgrades delivering even more geotechnical performance.

D&S is ready to respond to the immediate needs of your geotechnical investigation, even following heavy rains. Give us a shout – we would love to learn more about your upcoming projects.