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Geotechnical Engineering Services

Geotex Engineering provides comprehensive geotechnical engineering solutions to help you understand and manage the unique challenges associated with the ground conditions of your construction projects. Our team of experienced geotechnical engineers utilizes state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions. From site investigations to foundation design, we are committed to ensuring the success and safety of your projects.

With a staff of seasoned professionals, a drilling rig fleet, and a considerable range of in-house laboratory capabilities, Geotex stands ready to tackle demanding and challenging projects.


In addition to typical foundation, retaining wall, earthwork and pavement recommendations, the Geotex team is skilled in optimizing foundation designs developed through instrumented load testing of both drilled shaft and augured cast-in-place pile (ACIP) foundations. The staff has a successful track record of developing prudently economical pavement designs for TxDOT, Municipal and Commercial clients. 

Horizontal and Vertical Projects
  • Foundations
  • Retaining Walls & Below Grade Construction
  • Roadways & Pavements
  • Slope Stability
  • Earthwork, Subgrade Prep & Subgrade Modification
  • Structure & Pavement Distress

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The Geotex geotechnical laboratory is accredited by AASHTO, TxDOT and the US Army Corps of Engineers, and is staffed by TxDOT certified technicians.  Our laboratory staff routinely performs Index Property, Strength, Volume Change and Chemical Property tests on soil and bedrock samples from across Texas, Oklahoma, and anywhere else our drill crews go.


Geotex Drill crews operate a fleet of 6 truck, track and ATV-mounted drilling rigs, the newest addition being a Mobile B-57 track-mounted rig, an upgraded version of our 2015 B-57 truck mounted rig. Our crews have completed thousands of geotechnical drilling projects in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado, some extending up to 600-ft depth. In addition to geotechnical drilling, our crews have completed resource investigations, drilling and sampling soils and bedrock strata for various mining operations.
Drilling & Sampling
  • Wash / Mud Rotary
  • Air Rotary
  • Hollow Stem Augering
  • Solid Flight Augering
  • N-size Conventional and Wireline Rock Coring
  • Push Tube and Split-spoon sampling

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Our Services

Our site investigation services involve assessing the subsurface conditions of your project site. We employ various techniques to gather critical data, including:

  • Geotechnical drilling and soil sampling
  • Conventional and wireline rock coring
  • Wash and air-rotary drilling
  • Laboratory testing of soil and rock samples

Our geotechnical analysis and design services aim to provide you with a thorough understanding of the soil and rock behavior at your project site. We offer:

  • Slope stability analysis
  • Bearing capacity and settlement analysis
  • Foundation design recommendations
  • Retaining wall design
  • Ground improvement recommendations
  • Pavement design

We provide expertise in earthworks and excavation projects, to promote stability and safety of your site. Our services include:

  • Slope and wall stability analyses
  • Excavation support recommendations
  • Retention system recommendations
  • Cut and fill analysis
  • Groundwater control recommendations

Our geotechnical forensic investigations help identify the causes of failures.  We offer:

  • Failure analysis of slopes, foundations, retaining walls and pavements
  • Forensic laboratory testing
  • Recommendations for design of remedial measures

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